Frequently Asked Questions


We want you to have a smooth, easy, and fun experience at YouFloral, and are here to help.


Following please find a list of FAQS regarding our website, VaseExpressions, and the simple process of creating your one-of-a-kind floral gift.


If we haven’t answered your question below, please contact us via email at, or call our customer support number at 800-981-4438, and we'll be very happy to help you.


Where can I buy VaseExpressions?


VaseExpressions are exclusively available from  We are the inventors of this innovative personalized floral gift, and have pending patent protection. 


Is my VaseExpression actually ‘part’ of the vase?


Your VaseExpression is a full-color, completely waterproof wrap secured inside a glass vase.  It can be easily removed from the vase and save it as a reminder of the thoughtful gift you received


Is my VaseExpression waterproof?


Yes, your Vase Expression is completely waterproof.


Once the flowers are gone, can I save my VaseExpression?


Yes. You can either leave your VaseExpression on the vase to be used in the future, or, simply remove it from the vase and save it as a reminder of the thoughtful gift you received (many of our customers even frame their VaseExpressions).


How long will my VaseExpression last?


Our high quality materials and production process ensures that your VaseExpression will be a keepsake for years to come.


How do I care for my VaseExpression?


Your VaseExpression may require minor cleaning when it is removed from the vase. Just clean with mild soap and water and dry with a cloth towel. Do not use an alcohol-based or harsh solvent - or anything abrasive - as it will harm the image.


How can I order VaseExpressions centerpieces for my event?


Please contact us directly at YouFloral and we will work with you to custom design a VaseExpessions’ centerpiece that will be perfect for your event.


How do I design my own VaseExpression?


You can choose from hundreds of pre-designed themes, and have the option of adding your own photo and/or a personal message. If you want to create your own VaseExpression theme completely from scratch, please click on the “Custom Theme” button at the bottom of the Choose a Theme page. You’ll be able to use a hi-res photo or graphic image to create your own theme.


What quality photos do I need for my VaseExpression?


As with all digital photographs, the higher resolution the better. The image size required depends on whether you are simply adding your photograph to one of our pre-designed themes, or are creating your own fully customized theme. We suggest the following:


Product Type

PPI (Pixels Per Inch)

Recommended pixel dimensions


I’m adding my photo to a pre-designed theme


photo image area (3.5" x 3.5") = 525 x 525 pixels

This image size recommendation is for inserting into one of our many predesigned background themes.

I’m creating my own fully customized theme


photo/graphic image area (8.5" x 12.00") = 1300 x 1700 pixels

To fill the full area, we recommend that you use images that are equal to or larger than the recommended sizes. For images smaller than these sizes, you should not fill the full area, but will have additional "white space"

Can I order flowers or plants without a VaseExpression?

Yes. Every one of our floral offerings is available for purchase without a VaseExpression.


Is a florist?


Yes. The owners of YouFloral have been florists for over 20 years, with multiple retail locations, a fresh flower importing company, and a wholesale division (selling to other florists nationwide). They are longtime florist members of Teleflora, FTD, and Bloomnet.


Are VaseExpressions available for same day delivery?


VaseExpressions are currently available exclusively through YouFloral's design centers, and we offer next day delivery through UPS and FedEx to the Continental U.S. As we continue to grow, VaseExpressions will be available through a network of top florists throughout the country. If you are a florist and are interested in carrying our patent pending floral product, please let us know by visiting our florists page.


What if I need Flowers delivered today?


If you need to get a special gift out today, we are happy to help you. While we cannot deliver VaseExpressions same-day, we can fulfill all your other floral needs. Just visit our same-day delivery site:


How will my VaseExpression and flowers be delivered?


Your complete floral gift will be shipped fresh from YouFloral's design center - via overnight carrier - directly to your recipient’s doorstep. It will be decoratively wrapped in our custom cellophane, and securely packed in our specially designed gift box to ensure freshness. Please know that all of our bouquets are hand tied as shown in our descriptions. We will also enclose your personal message, flower food, and care instructions for your specific flowers or plant.


How can I confirm that my order was shipped?


Upon ordering you will receive a confirmation email containing a tracking number and your receipt. Just click on the link on your email and you will be able to check on the status of your delivery at all times. Once your floral gift has been delivered, we will update you via email.


Can I change the delivery date or other elements of my order?


Yes. During non-Holiday periods, you may amend your order 48 hours prior to delivery. However, during Holiday peak periods, order change policies will be clearly stated at check-out and the no-change period will increase to as much as 10 days.


Can I cancel my order?


Yes. During non-Holiday periods, you may cancel your order 48 hours prior to delivery. However, during Holiday peak periods, order cancelation policies will be clearly stated at check-out and the no-cancelation period moves will increase to as much as 10 days.


Can I telephone my order?


Yes. You can always call us with an order at 800-981-4438 and we will help you select an appropriate floral gift for your occasion. However, pricing for phone orders may be higher, and we cannot honor online discounts over the phone. In most cases, your cost will be lower by ordering over the Internet. As it costs us less to process your order on-line, we are happy to pass these savings on to you.


What if I have special delivery needs?


Please fill out the special request section on your order. All flower arrangements are custom made by hand, so we will review your special requests and do everything we can to fulfill them. If we have any questions, we will contact you for clarification.


What if my order does not get delivered?


If you believe that your order was not delivered please contact us at Customer Care and we will be happy to help. Phone: 800-981-4438, email:


What if my flowers do not look exactly like the picture on the website?


We will always do our very best to exceed your expectations for our floral arrangements and match the picture on our website. Occasionally, substitutions of certain flowers may be necessary to create your bouquet due to the freshness or availability of those flowers. Care is taken to maintain the style, theme and color scheme of the arrangement, using flowers of equal or better value. In single-flower arrangements, such as an all rose bouquet or orchids, we will make every attempt to match the flower type, but may need to substitute with another color to ensure quality and freshness.

If you are dissatisfied with the products you receive, please contact our customer service department - we are happy to help!


How much is the delivery charge?


For most delivery days of the year, the charge is only $14.99 for next day delivery anywhere in the U.S. Certain days of the week – or certain days during holiday periods - may require an adjusted shipping charge, which will be clearly stated during check-out.


What is the delivery charge for?


This charge is for the overnight shipping of your floral gift. If you order through our same-day site, the charge will be applied to support the shop actually doing the delivery.


Where do you deliver?


We accept orders from anywhere in the world, for delivery throughout the continental U.S.


Can I send Flowers outside of the United States?


Yes just visit our same-day delivery site for select international deliveries:


What days of the week do you deliver?


When you order, you can easily choose from the available delivery dates for your chosen floral gift. All of the products on our website are available for delivery Tuesday through Saturday, unless the pickup or delivery date falls on a major holiday. For Tuesday through Saturday delivery, orders must be placed before 4 pm (Eastern time) the day before you would like your shipment to arrive. If you need your floral gift delivered today, visit


Why can’t my floral gift be delivered on a Sunday or Monday?


We are unable to offer Sunday delivery at this time as our overnight carriers do not deliver on Sunday in most locations. Likewise, we do not currently offer Monday delivery as our overnight carriers do not pick up on Sunday, and shipping on Saturday could compromise the freshness of your gift.

What happens if my recipient is not present at the time of delivery?

All floral shipments automatically have a "signature release," which means that the package can be delivered without requiring a signature. In most cases, the delivery driver will knock or ring the bell, and if there is no answer, will leave the product somewhere safe at the delivery location.


What time of day will my flowers arrive?


For all locations within the continental United States:


  • Afternoon Delivery shipments will be delivered by 5:00 p.m. for business addresses and by 8:00 p.m. for residential addresses on the requested delivery date.


Services to Alaska: (additional shipping charges apply)


  • Standard Overnight Delivery will be by 5:00 p.m. to most areas of Anchorage, and second business day to the rest of the state.


Services to Hawaii: (additional shipping charges apply)


  • All deliveries will take place by 5:00 p.m