Image Guidelines


To ensure the photographs or artwork you upload and place within your VaseExpression will look great, please make sure to upload high-resolution / high-quality images.  In other words, we can’t make your low-resolution photo or image any better, we can only reproduce what you upload.


If you choose to create a completely ‘Custom Theme’ VaseExpression, you won’t be using one of our existing ‘Themes’, but will be creating your own artwork.  There are many ways you can do that, such as creating the Theme-background with a graphics design program (such as Photoshop), scanning a photograph, drawing or painting (that you’ve done), or using a digital photograph.


Supported Image Types supports images in JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats. Please ensure the resolution meets or exceeds our recommendations.  Most digital cameras save images in a JPEG format. 


Image Size and Resolution

To ensure your images are the correct size and resolution, please see the below Image Guide.  These are the minimum resolution necessary to produce good quality VaseExpressions.  If available, an even higher-resolution image may produce even better results. 

The resolution requirement (in pixels per inch) is 150ppi, at the actual size.   


Product Type

PPI (Pixels Per Inch)

Recommended pixel dimensions


I’m adding my photo to a pre-designed theme


photo image area (3.5" x 3.5") = 525 x 525 pixels

This image size recommendation is for inserting into one of our many predesigned background themes.

I’m creating my own fully customized theme


photo/graphic image area (8.5" x 12.00") = 1300 x 1700 pixels

To fill the full area, we recommend that you use images that are equal to or larger than the recommended sizes. For images smaller than these sizes, you should not fill the full area, but will have additional "white space"


We always recommend that you use images that are at least equal to, and preferably larger than, the recommended sizes listed above.  During the ‘Upload Photo’ step (when creating a VaseExpression), a warning will appear for any photo or image that is larger than the resolution of the image allows.


Suggested Color Profiles

It is recommended that you use an sRGB color profile for your photos or images; however, we also support CMYK images.